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6:00 pm

Name: Zoom Diwali Dhoom 2019 Date: 19-Oct-2019 Location: Dream Convention Center

6:00 pm

Name: Junoon LIve in Concert Toronto Date: 01-Nov-2019 Location: CAA Centre Brampton

12:00 am

Name: Tamil Mirror Awards Gala Date: 03-Nov-2019 Location: Chinese Cultural Center

6:00 pm

Name: Johny Lever Live Toronto Date: 03-Nov-2019 Location: Queen Elizabeth Theater

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Joke of the day

  • When I’ll be dead….., Your tears will flow,.. But I won ‘t know…

    When I’ll be dead…..,
    Your tears will flow,..
    But I won ‘t know…
    Cry for me now instead !

    you will send flowers,..
    But I won’t see…
    Send them now instead !

    you’ll say words of praise,..
    But I won’t hear..
    Praise me now instead !

    you’ll forget my faults,..
    But I won’t know…
    Forget them now, instead!

    you’ll miss me then,…
    But I won’t feel…
    Miss me now, instead

    you’ll wish…
    you could have spent more time with me,…
    Spend it now instead !!


    ”Spend time with every person around you, your families, friends, lover, acquainted….
    Make them feel Special
    Because you never know when time will take them away from you forever”..

    Life is too short.
    Love all and Forgive all.

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